Creating playful, high energy, exciting programs, videos, music and books for kids (and teachers) is my jam!  Kids love to call me YOYO - because that's what I like to do - go up and down and spin all around!   I started my fitness journey and became a nationally certified fitness professional 20 years ago right before college.   


Since then, I've created an online Kids Fitness Training program called  LET'S PLAY TODAY® and love sharing what I do with our online courses used internationally.   I'm also the co-author of the interactive book MOVE!, co-producer of two children's music CDs, and creator of GO WITH YOYO exercise/ yoga video for kids.


For over 10 years I've been performing interactive music and fitness shows in front of thousands of children nationally... I'm so grateful for all the happy smiles, hi-fives and hugs I get at my "job"! 


Traveling, biking, kayaking, and exploring anywhere outside with my husband and two young kids are some of my favorite ways to move!!




Teach kids fitness in YOUR area!


Our mission is to empower children to be both physically healthy and mentally fit through PLAY!


LET'S PLAY TODAY® was created in 2006 by fitness pro Yvonne Kusters, and today it has blossomed into a mobile, educational fitness program used around the world. 

The LET'S PLAY TODAY® program is a comprehensive, fun fitness program designed specifically for young children ages  2 - 10 years of age.   The  exercise activities blend games,  sports, imaginative play, yoga, creative movement and exciting music to build a broad range of physical skills, confidence, social interaction, brain development and healthy habits.

LET'S PLAY TODAY® uses exciting and age - appropriate equipment such as parachutes, balls, scarves, hula-hoops, foam pool noodles, balloons, bean bags, giant pom poms, and lots more! 


The LET'S PLAY TODAY® online educational training component enables fitness professionals, educators, coaches, parents, librarians and anyone to make FITNESS FUN in their own locations. The online training program includes everything necessary to get the fun started - lesson plans, videos, teaching strategies, resources, business help and a whole lot more.  Learn more here 

Our kid fitness programs are used around the world at schools, community events, fitness centers, libraries, camps, at home and more.