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Register for the PLAY PARTY on ZOOM below! (It's FREE!):

Wear a costume or get dressed up in something FUN (optional!). We're going to be DOING TONS of fun exercises, balancing into yoga poses, and together practicing our power poses/ affirmations and our attitude of gratitude! Jump around with YOYO on these super fun adventurous classes!
** Geared for kids 2 - 8



1. PLEASE LOG IN 10 minutes prior to class, so you can adjust your device!

2. Adjust the screen of your device so your child's whole body is able to be viewed on screen... if possible! Lower to the ground or close to the floor is best! You may want to have a mat for them to stand on ahead of time. This way they can still see the screen and they have a good idea of where to stand!

3. PLEASE PUT YOUR KIDDOS NAMES IN! Once the meeting goes live, your name will be listed on the right hand side column. It's easy to change your name though (there is a little button/icon near your name and it should give you the option to change it)! "KIDS NAME: whatever your kiddos name is" child's FIRST name (NO LAST NAMES)

4. I will be MUTING everyone and also UNMUTING - and will let you and your kiddo know when I do so they can all say hello, share their attitude of gratitude and more! 

GOwithYOYO - Kids fitness

This class is FREE! If you'd like to donate - my virtual tip jar is: venmo: @gowithyoyo

paypal: info@letsplaytoday.org

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