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Teach children's fitness classes anywhere with the LET'S PLAY TODAY® program!


  • Start a kids fitness program at your gym, or travel to preschools, libraries or recreation centers and run kids fitness classes for the community, afterschool programs, summer camps, birthday parties, and large events. 

  • Great for schools, gyms and any location that caters to children.  You'll learn specific activities for kids ages 2 - 10 that will help develop their gross motor skills, coordination, strength, balance, sports skills, confidence, brain power and lots more! 


  • Learn the business side of launching a kid fitness program and everything you need to deliver an effective, appropriate, and exciting program; from injury prevention, warm up and cool down activities, fun games, equipment and music resources.  

  • Expand your current scope of work, have a blast, and help kids be strong, fit and healthy.  


Preschool Teacher

Very well organized program. The children are motivated from the moment they walk through the gym door. They are always asked to participate. The teacher always uses positive reinforcement. Yvonne constantly builds a child’s confidence and self-esteem. During gym class there is always a designated theme. They are continually learning as they are playing, running, and jumping. The children leave the gym class with a big smile and look forward to the next time they have class.

Rachel, R.

Kids Fitness Instructor

Having taught Lets Play Today Kids fitness program for 10 years, I can attest to the programs being fun, engaging and keeping the kiddos giggling and active!   Yvonne provides a very comprehensive program that is easy and fun to implement! 

Yvonne is very knowledgeable and compassionate about encouraging kids to be healthy and fit while having tons of fun! 

Lekessia, J.  

Kids Fitness Instructor

Just wanted to let you know how easy it is to understand the LET'S PLAY TODAY, LLC. curriculum. Teaching it has been a blast. It has been easier than I thought it would be. I have had students go home singing the songs from the GO!GO!GO! Cd and telling their parents how much they enjoy the p.e. class. Thanks for putting together a fitness curriculum for children that's fun and affordable!

Beth, M. 

Preschool Director

I have had the pleasure of attending Yvonne’s workshops. Yvonne is very energetic and creative. She has a knack for keeping everyone’s attention and maintains a great pace. Her workshops are interactive and fun for all. She has so much to share and is a great resource for creating a healthy environment.

Ellen, W.

Consultant for Early Childhood Education

Yvonne Kusters is an excellent workshop leader on the subject of “Educational Exercise for Young Children”. She understands the needs of children and is an effective presenter. She brings scarves, balls, and other material to demonstrate how these can be used in an exercise program. She uses videos of children in her classes to demonstrate effective techniques. Teachers leave with many new ideas that can be instantly tried in their schools. Evaluations are positive and I recommend Yvonne.

Sheena, B.

Kids Race Director

Yvonne's enthusiasm and love of fitness were abundantly clear. The energy and fun that was created for the children during her warm-up stretch was amazing.

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