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QUESTION: Where can I teach these classes?

ANSWER: You can teach the Let's Play Today® program or Go with YoYo Quick Start Course anywhere that caters to children, providing it's a safe environment. Here are some options: daycares, preschools, afterschool programs, schools, fitness and gym centers, recreational centers, dance studios, libraries, mom groups, malls, sports facilities, outside, summer camps, bookstores and toy shops. The space should be large enough for children to move with objects moved to the perimeter. Setting a room up for success and safety is discussed in the Training Manual.


QUESTION: What other additional cost might there be besides the online course?
ANSWER: CPR certification, Professional Liability Insurance, Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse Check, Equipment, Music, Marketing Materials. 

QUESTION: Once I purchase the online course, how long will it take to get started? 
ANSWER: Typically, this takes about a week -1 month to get everything you need!   If you have a location and everything else set up, you should be able to implement this right away!!   

QUESTION: How do I structure the classes?  Can I offer a 6-week or 12-week programs or yearly options?  
ANSWER: There are many possible ways to decide how to offer kids fitness classes.  In some situations, parents will be paying for classes. In other cases, the facility will hire you to instruct the classes. Here are some options: Provide six-week sessions (one class per week). Parents register for the full six -week session at one time.   This six week session is typically called an "enrichment class" which is offered after the normal preschool hours.   Another option is to provide gym instruction during school hours and work for the preschool, daycare, gym, etc.  This could be a school long contract. 

QUESTION: Should I teach 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour long programs?  What's best? 

ANSWER:  Most parent and child classes are about 50 minutes long, preschool classes at schools are between 25 minutes - 45 minutes and elementary school programs are around 45min. - 1hr.  Our lesson plans are designed for a 30 - 45 minute class and allow lots of room for you to modify, alter and add to make it work best for your location, and group of kids.  If you are interested in running hour long programs it is very easy to add on additional games and activities.  

QUESTION: How much can I charge for these classes?
ANSWER: This is up to you! The amount you charge for your classes will depend on where you are teaching the class and what arrangement you have with the facility.  

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